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An established multi-platinum Mastering Engineer with a vast track record in pretty much any aspect of professional music and audio work.

Working at the legendary Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

Mastering Works Spotlight


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Other Selected Works

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Soundtrack made in collaboration with Jukio Kallio, for the hit videogame Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout by Mediatonic. While Jukio was in charge of the compositions, Daniel was responsible for the production, mixing and mastering. Fall Guys has sold well over 10 million copies on Steam (2 million of which within the first week), and the music has gained widespread recognition and praise.

Daniel Hagström Fall Guys


Valio - #Yhdessäpöydässä

Worked as a Recording and Mixing Engineer on music for Valio's beloved advertising campaign.

The campaign runs on national television.


From an early age, Daniel showed impeccable musicality, and like so many of us who end up in the music business, Daniel started out driven by the urge to make music. Growing up on an island in Turku archiplelago with no musical background in the family, Daniel was forced to start from scratch by spending all his income - from working at a local shipyard with his father - into building his first studio in the garage. There he started the never ending experiments with whatever tools were available - software from the internet, cassette recorders and some old synth keyboards.

While boasting a track record including works as a producer, composer and a recording / mixing engineer in addition of having done film, theater and videogame audio work, Daniel's own specific passion in professional audio has always been mastering. Studying the art over the years, gathering the highest quality equipment and finally focusing mainly on mastering has proven to be the right choice - and Daniel's recent success is there to show for that.

Today, over a decade of experience in working with music and audio in almost every possible scenario has paved Daniel's path in becoming an established Mastering Engineer, serving top artists in Finland's most legendary studio. 


Artists & Clients Spotlight

Gettomasa / JVG / Mikael Gabriel / MD$ / Evelina / BESS / nublu (EST) / gameboy tetris (EST) / Fabe / F / Pyhimys / Leo Stillman / Jannika B / Robin Packalen / Pastori Pike / Slani / KAIP / Aleksanteri Hakaniemi / Costi / Jami Faltin / Tyson Blu / ANI / LEWIZKI / Ares / WIL / Jaagub Tuisk (EST)  / Averagekidluke / Xavier Weeks / Konsta Hietanen / Axel Kala / Nuppu Oinas / Ella Lymi / Nelli Milan / Adi L Hasla / ARTEM / Sebastian Da Costa / Mango (US) / Sobrino (US) / Alove / Mikko Innanen / Vilma Jää /  Pure / Sid Hille / Jenna Alexa / Laura Närhi / Senya / Serafiina / Movement Machina / Laaksonen / Hussa / Tommi Kaukua / James Sight / Alina Burnet / YAYO / Ruma / Purppurasusi / Jukio Kallio / DJ Slow / Singapuras Satins (LAT) / MeidÉ (LT) / Justinas Jarutis (LT) / Monique (LT) / 65uge / Temaj / Jouni Aslak & Nousukauden Lapset / Kanerva / FETTI / M//O / ÄSPEE / Zaida Viveka / Jesse Kaikuranta / Intiaanikesä / Ideaali & Jay Who? / Tommi Läntinen / Miika Mattila / Mika Ikonen / Hovimuusikko Ilkka / Johanna Von Hertzen / Merta / Costello / Salesvuo Syncopation / Defect Designer (NOR) / Blue Impulse / SlowHillxEGS / Jii / Yellow Film & TV / Bauer Media (Brandmusic for Subway, Vaasan, Blå Band, Basso etc.) / Simerock / X-Factor Finland / Unversal Music Finland / Universal Music Latvia / Universal Music Lithuania / Sony Music Finland / Warner Music Finland / Epic Records Finland / Fountain Productions / Def Jam Recordings Finland / Kaiku Entertainment / PME Records / Suomen Musiikki / Tasoi Records / KRNIN Capital Records / FTI Records / Killah Records / Kuohu Records / Manage Me / Mango Alley / Playground Music Finland / Polarvox / TEXICALLI / Mediatonic Ltd / Sashimi Games Ltd / Epic Games

Music Video Spotlight

Worked as a Recording Engineer on the score music for the feature film Moomins on the Riviera.

Shown in cinemas worldwide.

IMDB - Moomins on the Riviera 


Moomins on the Riviera

"There's quite nothing like the feeling of 

making great music sound like a record."

Within a ~10 minute train ride from Helsinki city center, beside a beautiful forest in the old Pitäjänmäki industrial district there is a famous 2-floor building that holds the glorious history of music industry in Finland: the Finnvox Studios


Established in 1965, Finnvox is a facility of 13 studios, live rooms and Film/TV post produciton units. One of the mastering rooms, I-Studio, is operated exclusively by Daniel.


Mastering Works Spotlight

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